"My dear i will change to world as you know it. A world were no order will be known. I will bring a world of war," To Kim Possible, Chapter 15.

The girl is very different from the one of the Hero Kim Possible Universe. She was the heir to the Rockwaller Incorporated before it was shut down by the evidence of illegal BOWs experiments that her father Doctor Rocwaller was accused or doing.

Not much is known about her except that she is a genius and she had able to complete her father's work, thus creating CELL, a dangerous mutagen capable of transforming any one into a rampaging mindless monster. She arbores deep hatred for K. She is accompanied mostly by Jericho, one of her top henchman into the Hero Kim Possible Universe, unleashing the DRA-22 unto the streets, to wreak havoc while she watched.

She then went to the Upperton Woman's Prison and freed Shego from her cell, using her to steal the WEE master Code from a vault in London and used it to destroy the Pentagon and used the Evas she had created using people as test subjects, to declare war on government, and in the end was defeated by K and send to the Universal Prison.

  • Abilities: Bonnie had the ability to teleport herself, but not at great distance. She had used the ability to kidnap the two daughters of the President. She also can move at super speed and is able to fly.
  • Skills: Bonnie seemed to be really skilled with using knifes thought it doesn't say where she had learned it. Her accuracy is also top notches.
  • Status: Currently jailed in the Universal Prison.