Anime Kim Possible by 6616

Kim Possible (K)

"This is not your World, Bloody Rose," K to Bonnie during their battle, Chapter 20.

Alternate Kim PossibleEdit

The alternate version of Kim Possible is very different than the Kim Possible we all know and love. She is older, more darker and also less trusting of people than her counterpart. She also hated her name simply keeping the K as she is known or calling herself the Comet that had destroyed her life.

Her LifeEdit

From before the Silver Trigger disaster, it is safe to say that her life was similar to the Hero Kim Possible. Living with her parents in Middleton and her mother pregnant with the Twins.but the disaster had changed everything for her. She woke up two months later in Go City Hospital weak and thirsty. She learn about the disaster afterward and lived for a while in the orphanage. She befriended Shego, whom saved her life when she was trying to kill herself, and the green heroine had helped her heal.

Then, on her thirteen birthday, her power emerges changing her red mane snow white and her eyes silver. Global Justice whom had being watching her for unknown reasons, took her in before she had drawn to much attention. There Dr. Rockwaller, whom was Bonnie's father, examined her blood and told that this girl was the Salvation they needed from the Evas whom were population Middleton thanks to the Comet. How long she spend in GJ's hands were unknown but she destroyed the base her powers working overdrive.

When she woke up, she discovered that she was in Japan, and befriended Yori, a ninja in Yamanouchi Ninja School. She spend a few days there with Yori visiting everyday. she then meet Master Sensei whom spoken to her, telling her that the Middleton Disaster had altered the fates of everyone including hers but K didn't believe him, telling him that she don't believe in such things.

She then returned to Go City and helped Go Team bringing the Rockwaller Inc. down. Later, she helped Wade, build the machine for her so that she can time travel.

  • Appearance: K is a carbon copy of the Hero Kim Possible only with white hair and silver eyes, thought at the end of the story, she became a redhead thanks to the Omega bracelet which hide her white hair. Casually she is dressed in jeans with a black shirt and gray jacket and normal sneakers.
  • Abilities: At the beginning of the story, K only used her plasma hands and her shield. She has more stamina than a ordinary person, and by the end of the story she learned the ability to fly and moving at super sonic speed.