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Silver Trigger is a fictionous story written by user Jacques0 on The fandom is Kim Possible and all characters are property of Disney and no money is being made from this. KIM POSSIBLE: Silver Trigger, a story of twenty two chapters starring all of the familiar characters and also introducing new ones.

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Silver Trigger is a story written by Jacques0 on It take place roughly two weeks after the El Diablo incident in "So the Drama." The story is about a alternate version of Kim Possible who had gotten super powers from a Comet known as Silver Trigger which destroyed Middleton in her Universe. She was going to go to the past so that she can advert the disaster from happening and probably save her family, but she landed into the World of Hero Kim Possible.

The Hero Kim Possible, seeing K's last day from a dream, woke up with a uneasy feeling which continued until she was at school the next day with her friends Ron Stoppable and Monique and as they were talking, the school light went out similar to a power outage and Wade Load, Kim's genius tech buddy, had told them that most of Go City and surrounding others were out of power and said that a large amount of energy had suddenly appeared in a random building in Go City, thus marking K's arrival into the world.

Not knowing what she had caused, K woke up in the building, first noticing that it was habited but vacant. She then, left the building and on the road, caught up in some conversation about Kim Possible saving the world. Confused about the comment, K took a newspaper and saw that she hadn't landed in the past has she had first concluded, than came across a mysterious man whom seemed to know about her coming here and told her that "This Universe isn't big enough for two Kim Possibles," and then attacked her.

K escaped him after learning of this and the mysterious man whose name was Tyler assigned agents to the Kim Possible house so that the two don't make contact and also finally thinking that "She can really do anything"

Later one, Kim went on a mission alone, since Ron was too busy with homework at the Middleton Museum, and it turned out that it was K that had contacted her. Kim first thought that she was a clone of her but K explained how she had gotten here but were interrupted with more Agents attacking them Kim getting kidnapped by them leaving K which got a Watch from one of the unconscious body.

She then went to Wade, and Wade helped her, to identify the Watch function and she had spend the night there.

Kim on the other hand got briefed about K's identity by Tyler, but she didn't believe them.

K then made contact with Kim again through the Kimmicator and when the Watch pulsed energy. at the same time, Middleton suffered the appearance of a creature that caused a lot of damages and Kim lost her car and Ron was injured. At the hospital, K rejoined Kim and told Kim her past, how she had gotten her powers and drove her home, to finish her tale, and Kim was called to a mission at London and K went her separate way but was captured by the Agents who had run her over with their car.

Kim on the other hand lean from her mission that a master code black book of WEE was stolen by her rival Shego, who was liberated from jail by a dangerous and slightly insane Bonnie Rockwaller from K's Universe and she was accompanied by a hulking figure which she called Jericho, and she had tried to contact K but got no response and came to the conclusion that K had been captured by the Agents and that she was gone from the Universe.

K woke up inside the Agent's Base and talked to the A.I. who control the computer which was called TIM. the A.I. spoke to her about Bonnie Rockwaller and the dangerous mutagen she had in her possession. Tyler and an alternate version of Doctor Director, called Doc, talk to her into helping them and she will get a free pass to her World, or go to the Universal Prison. Having no choice, K accepted. Then, K learn that the creator of the A.I. had build something for her so that she can return to her world as a Hero and shocked to her core, K asked for some time to think, and she was left alone to her thoughts.

Meanwhile, Kim faced Shego in a strange coup which she was lured toward Bonnie Rockwaller from K's Universe and learned of the woman's plan of bringing the world to a world war. The two faced off but Bonnie come out victorious and left Kim to be killed by Shego, but the villainess didn't go with it, and gave the girl to the sidekick, Ron telling him to get "Princess out of here."

Bonnie of K's Universe later contacted Shego telling her if she had finished the job, and Shego lied to her. Sensing something was off, Bonnie acted casual until the end of the call and ordered Jericho to take care of them. Jericho failed to kill Kim which was in a hospital only succeeding in blowing up the room, and Shego and Drakken escaped the Evas they had send after them by blowing up their Lair.

K made contact with Kim again after the disastrous attack against the Pentagon and learn that Bonnie is in Washington and that she had kidnapped the President's two daughters. With Tyler and another Agent named Brick, the tree went back to the Universe and K learned that she had the ability to fly. Things go from bad to worse when the entire city evacuated from the danger of Bonnie declaring war on the government.

Kim was contacted by one of the President daughter through a phone and learned of their location was a old WEE warehouse, and there she faced Jericho and after a fatal attack in her injured ribs, she falls and Ron's Mystical Monkey Power saved the day as he went one on one with Jericho winning against the man.

K on her hand faced the attacking Evas that were taking on the Army soldiers and then headed off toward the White House and came face to face with Bonnie whom was coming out with the President. the two clashed each other, and Bonnie seemed to have learn to fly when she first injected herself with the dangerous mutagen she had named CELL. K won by injecting the said mutagen on her thinking that it was time the doctor get a taste of his own medecine, and then she picked her and that was that.

At the end, no one really know what happened on "Doomsday" Thursday as the day was called and K made a last visit to Kim this time looking every bit like the said girl even with the red hair. She had told them about the Omega bracelet which hid her appearance of white hair and also she had taken a picture to 'remember by' and also Kim let her keep the Kimmicator, given to her by Wade, as a souvenir.

At the end, Kim went home finding the picture with a note and K went back to her Universe dubbed "Silver Trigger Universe" and appeared under the falling rain. Since she had appeared at the Middleton Memorial, she gave a final good-bye to her parents and flew toward Go City.

A sequel by the name of "Silver Trigger: The Rise" is in the works and will start publishing in 2011 on under Jacques0 username.

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